Should You Really Work As An Escort Model In Vegas – Pros & Cons

Regardless of the job you take on, there will be pros and cons, and this is the same with being an escort model in Vegas. If you are instead looking to apply to be listed as an escort on a website so that you can get clients, then see this instead

First of all, let us go through the cons.

  • You will be working on a job which is purely based on commissions. This means that if you don’t get a client, you don’t get paid. But if you get a client, you get paid very highly. If you are used to being self employed, you will be comfortable with this. If you are used to a fixed pay job, you will find this transition difficult. A recommendation is to work as an escort part time after your daily office job.
  • It is also stressful. Even though it is highly unusual compared to a high pressure office job, you will need to be able to entertain male clientele well.
  • Escort work is not illegal, but there are a lot of people who misunderstand the legalities and spread false information and scare you into potentially thinking it is illegal. Don’t be scared of what ignorant other people talk about. Just read the law when in doubt.
  • It is more difficult to attract clients if you are above the age of 30, as most clients like a younger woman.

Now, let’s move on to the benefits!

  • You can potentially make 5 figures per month if you are an attractive lady and know how to entertain male clientele. The sky is the limit.
  • You will be able to afford luxury cars, handbags and travels easily if you are attractive and with just a few hours of work each week.
  • You will be the envy of your friends without them knowing your job (as long as you work with a website that protects your privacy).
  • You do not need any educational qualifications to do this job, although it is recommended that you are highly eloquent and aware about world affairs or business as clients may want to talk about that. Of course, you do need to be a citizen and get a work card to be able to work in Las Vegas.
  • You will be meeting only wealthier and older men. This is fantastic news for most girls as most girls also like wealthier and older men anyway.

As you can tell, there are lots of benefits to being an escort, and there are a few small cons. Being an escort can bring you lots of financial benefits and freedom.

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