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Hiring Cheap escorts in London doesn’t mean that just because you pay for the service you’re going to have things run smoothly. Such an assumption is not a guarantee. Whether you hire an escort for a girlfriend-boyfriend experience, sex, or for a company, you want to make sure your time together as sweet as possible. But how do you handle an escort? Below are some tips that can make things move smoothly when with an escort.

  1. Use Condoms
    Sex workers do attend to a list of clients in a day. Therefore, there is a risk of STDs and HIV/AIDs. You should use condoms at all your meetings. Your health matters should always be your first concern.
  2. Respect the Escort
    As an adult, the escort expects that you respect her opinions. Never treat her like a prostitute but instead treat her as you would any lover. While 95% of the men who see escorts are mature, a small percentage try to misbehave. Once you treat her with respect, she will reciprocate and give you the best services. You also get a better chance to be in the list of his or her best clients. As a result, she will always be there for your service whenever needed.
  3. Do not ask for Refunds
    If you cum quickly, do not ask for refunds as you’ll not get it back. Remember that the escort is not the controller of your body. We advise that you make clear your case before you get her clothes off. The argument applies to the men who suffer sexual dysfunction as well. Instead of asking for money back, it’s better to add cash, and she might have some empathy and give you additional services.
  4. Observe boundaries
    Never try to cross the boundaries set when you are making the booking. Don’t offer cash rewards to try to convince an escort to do something he or she did not agree to do. Instead of making her feel aroused, you’ll piss her off and will ruin your time together.
  5. Keep the Pay in an envelop
    It’s advisable that you do not discuss the price with the escort face to face. Also, keep the money in an envelope and in a strategic place where she can see it as she leaves.

Keeping things smooth with an escort is what makes the experience amazing. Consider employing the above-discussed tips, and you’ll not regret.