Your Ultimate Guide To Booking Escorts (Legally) In Vegas

There is a lot of false information out there on the Internet. Let us go through some of these common misconceptions and pointers so that you will be able to book escorts safely and legally in Vegas. Additionally, I will also teach you how to book so that you will actually end up with an escort who actually looks like her photographs.

First of all, let us get the biggest thing out of the way. If you are looking for sex, you should not book escorts. Instead, you should go to a neighboring county where prostitution is actually legal. One such example is Bunny Ranch in the neighboring county. You need to know that although Las Vegas is famously known as Sin City, it does not allow for any form of sexual services for money or something of financial value, whatsoever under the laws of Nevada. If you are instead simply looking for a beautiful female model to accompany you and follow you in Las Vegas, then yes, escorts are the right choice for you.

Second of all, decide who you want, where you want to meet at what time before you contact any escort. Escort agencies and websites receive an insane amount of bookings and even more enquiries per day. If you are not sure about what you want at all, take note the agencies and websites do not take kindly to time wasters. They can simply ignore you and receive a ton of other business still. Make sure you look through their website, decide on the escort model (and have 1 or 2 as back up plans in case the one you want is not in town), the meeting point and the time before even contacting the agency. If you do not do this, they will instantly know that you are a first time customer and have zero experience ordering escorts. They will not entertain you if you are undecided, as they have hundreds of other customers to deal with every day.

Third of all, there are street walkers and hookers pretending to be escorts. Take note, that legal escorts in Vegas are usually unable to be picked up from the streets. High class and legal escorts in Vegas are usually only able to be booked through websites and agencies.

Next of all, if it sounds too cheap to be true, it is probably fake. You will end up with lots of women who look 100% different from their amazing looking photographs if you see that their prices are dirt cheap. Would a real supermodel looking woman accompany a random stranger for $100/hour? No way! She probably makes way more than that from just her regular day modelling job anyway.

Last but not least, do not ever book from those cards given out on the streets or from Backpage. Almost none of the escorts engaged from these escort cards or Backpage look anything like their photographs. The easiest way to get a female companion who actually looks like her photos is through online websites. Of course, not every site is good, and you need to verify which sites actually show real photos of their girls. Here is a site I strongly recommend and shows real photos: Vegas Dream Escort. To the best of my knowledge, they verify their listed independent escorts on their website, and all pictures shown are real, so you can decide directly from the website who you actually want to meet without worrying. In fact, I use them 90% of the time over all other Vegas escort sites.

How Do Female Escorts Really Get Business In Las Vegas?

There is so much demand for escorts in Las Vegas. There is so much supply of escort models in Vegas as well. With such cut throat competition and competing people, how do these female escorts really get any clients at all?

The truth is, only a few escorts get a lot of business, while the others don’t make a lot of money. This is the Pareto principle.

If you are an escort and looking to really ramp up your business and live the all cash lifestyle that you truly want, then listen up.

First and foremost, you need to get good photographs taken. At the end of the day, most men are superficial, and since most men pick escorts off websites from online, your photographs must be good to attract their attention. Some models look better in real life than their photographs, and vice versa. However, because men make decision based on the online photograph, you must present yourself in the best light possible, while still keeping it real. Investing in good photographs will definitely further your career as an escort model in Vegas.

Moving on from the first point, because most men search for escorts online due to privacy reasons (as opposed to going down to physical agencies and looking through photographs there), you want to be found online. If you are a marketing expert, great. But most escorts do not have experience there. Therefore, it is much more profitable and quicker to penetrate this industry by partnering with somebody who is already well established in this space. It is highly recommended to get listed on websites (they will usually charge you a fixed monthly rate or they will charge you per client they get you) right off from day one once you have your nice photographs taken. One such example of an escort listing website is Las Vegas Dream Escorts, and you can contact them to see if they are willing to get you listed, as they can potentially get you a lot of clientele easily.

Next of all, you want to make yourself available. The truth is that most clients will only order after they have arrived in Las Vegas itself, and on the day itself. This usually means you only have 1-2 hours of prep time before needing to move off to meet the clients. As a result, the girls who are fastest in availability usually gets the most business (on top of being attractive).

With the above tips, you should be able to get a decent amount of business, and kickstart your career as an escort model.

What Escort Work In Vegas Really Looks Like

If you have always been interested in how the escort industry works, and especially in that of the famous Las Vegas, Nevada, then you must watch the following documentary. If you want to work as an escort or engage one, then check out Vegas’ top escort website¬†

In the following documentary video, both Las Vegas escorts, agencies/websites and various such people working within and outside of the industry are being interviewed.

As you can see, there are lots of legalities when it comes to the escort business, and it’s one that’s best navigated by first watching the following video before engaging one!